Of quick runs and slow heart rates

My running companion Benge hurt a paw recently and couldn’t get out on the trails.

I took the opportunity to hit the tarmac instead, and did two short evening runs from home. I’d not expected to enjoy it much, but to my surprise found the two outings quite exhilarating – largely because I was travelling relatively quickly.

When I’m out with Benge, we’re constantly stopping to sniff and mark. Progress can be rapid at times, but can also be relatively slow, with us typically putting in 10-minute miles in the hills. It’s enough to keep me going though, with occasional outings by myself allowing me to put in quicker performances.

Am I a real athlete?

The two road runs saw me running the 2.64 miles and 267’ ascent at an average 8.20 and then 8.02 (fastest pace was 6:19 min/mile).

Not bad for a chap in his sixties eh?

My average heart rate was 139 bpm / 159 bpm for the first and second runs respectively, with the maximums being 151 bpm / 182 bpm.

The data was provided by my Garmin Forerunner 235 – a recent acquisition to replace my trusty 305 which finally died.

I’d not thought I’d pay much attention to the heart rate monitor in the new device, but I’m finding it really useful. I’m particularly interested in my resting heart rate, which is averaging 42 with the lowest recorded so far being 38.

I think that means I’m a real athlete! Or maybe I’m at death’s door …

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